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Principal Message

Principal’s Message

Dr. S Prasad Kethamakka


"Inherit the past heritage and Usher in the future“

Ayurveda occupies a large bulk of the health care force. Healthcare industry is transforming itself day by day. The professional Ayurveda doctor provides holistic care with compassion, empathy and respect for clients, dignity while educating them to achieve maximum level of health. He/She also participates in those activities contributing to prevention of illness and promotion of positive health. Therefore it is necessary to educate our students in the context of sound educational principles. As a Science, Ayurveda is based on a perfect blend of traditional and scientific knowledge which is empirical and diversifying into specialty areas.

The opportunities for an Ayurveda graduate are varied and limitless. A new professional Ayurveda doctor may choose between clinical practice, education, research, management, administration, occupational and industrial sector.

As the Principal of Glocal College of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences & Research Centre, I would like to write a few words to express my impression and expectation on the institution. As an academician, clinician, researcher and administrator in the past, I know that Glocal College of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences   students are good in not only academic area but also sports, leadership and organizing activities. I highly appreciate the institution’s great effort and commitment to provide all-round education to students. Apart from striking for advancement in academic achievement, the college also nurtures students with good and proper attitude and values. The formal and informal curricula on humanity, aesthetics and physical development have developed students’ multiple intelligence and aptitude for life-long learning. The college offers countless opportunities for students to take part in all sorts of co-curricular activities and community service to broaden their exposure and insight. The objective of every student of this institution is to have 3 A’s – Able to learn, Able to do and Able to engage. We at the institute nurture our students to elite in various aspects.

Being a principal, I have a strong belief to promote harmony, dedication and a win-win scenario for everyone in institute. Harmony can be interpreted as ‘team cohesion’. You may expect changes in the future which I believe to be the sources of momentum for improvement.

I also believe in life-long learning. With a great team of teaching staff and excellent students, I expect a continuous and sustainable advancement in learning and teaching in Glocal College of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences. It is my responsibility to continue the excellent culture of Glocal College of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences and maintain sustainable advancement in the future.