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Policies & Regulations

Disciplinary Rules :

  • The Institute pursues the ideals of training of mind. Quest for knowledge and healthy life. Any act of misconduct committed by a student shall be an act of violation of discipline which will make a student liable to be penalized by the authorities Act of indiscipline shall include.
  • Distribution of teaching study, examination, administrative work.
  • Damaging or defacing college properly of managing committee members of the college or any other property inside or outside the college premises.
  • Engaging in any attempt at wrongful confinement of staff and other members of the college.
  • Use of abusive and derogatory slogans or intimidator language or incitements of hatred and violence of any act calculated to the same.
  • Eve teasing or disrespectful behavior to women or girl student. Committing forgery tempering with or misuse of the college documents or record & identity cards etc.
  • Furnishing false certificates or false information to any office under the control of jurisdiction of the college.
  • Consuming or possessing alcoholic drinks ,dangerous drugs or other intoxicants in the college premises.
  • Possessing or using any weapons such as knives , lat his ,iron rods, sticks, explosive and fire –arms in the college premises.
  • Tearing of pages , defacing , burning or in any way destroying books of library.
  • Coercing the medical staff to render medical assistance to person not entitled for the same or any other disorderly behavior.
  • No person shall be invited to address a meeting or society in the college without previous permission of the principal or manager in writing.
  • Students remaining absent for 10 days continuously shall be debarred from the class college and annual examination.
  • Any act of moral turpitude.
  • Any offence under law or may other act which may be considered by the authorities to be an act of violation of discipline.
  • All disciplinary action will be taken by disciplinary action committee of the Glocal College of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences & Research Centre .
  • Any misbehave by students college campus will be punished with Max: 6 months rustication from the college and with fine of Rs 50,000 or both .
  • The decision taken by disciplinary committee will be considered final and the punishment depends on the nature of indiscipline , misbehavior or offence done by students .which may extend up to permanent /complete rustication or dismissal from the course .
  • All the students of BAMS 1st year should follow these instruction in detail :-
  • Whole students of university students will come in the proper dress code selected by university
  • Apron will compulsory to wear dress in college time .